Promotional Opportunity for Dancers

For the last three years, we have printed our full schedule of Dance Week events as a pull out in the local weekly paper, the GoodTimes. We will be doing the same this year. We have limited space for advertisement within the schedule of events and would like to offer this to participating dancers.
Click here for a PDF of last years pullout.
This schedule of events is carried around in the purses and pockets of thousands of Dance Week participants and audience members for a FULL week. This is a GREAT opportunity to promote your classes, get exposure as a performer for hire or get the word out about an upcoming promotion or discount
There is VERY limited space available. Please see below for advertisement sizes and prices. If you are interested in submitting an ad, please contact us as soon as possible. They will be available on a first come, first serve basis. All ads and payments will be due to National Dance Week by April 10th.
Ad Rates:
Full Page (9.417” x 11.5”) $600
2/5 Page(3.642” x 11.5”) $425
1/5 Page (3.642” x 5.646”) $225
1/10 Page(3.642” x 2.719”) $175
All ads must be sent as a JPEG or PDF at 300dpi or higher to Abra.
Payments can be made to National Dance Week by check or Paypal.
Checks sent by mail:
National Dance Week Santa Cruz
C/O Motion Pacific
131 Front Street Suite E
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
If you would like to pay by credit card through Paypal, let us know and we will invoice you.