Santa Cruz Dance Week Application 2022

Please fill out the form below to apply to participate in Santa Cruz Dance Week 2022. The deadline to submit is March 15th, 2022.
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  • In presenting Santa Cruz Dance Week we strive to be as inclusive as possible in our selection process. The vast majority of applicants will be asked to participate in at least one of the Dance Week events. We will be selecting participants based on the following criteria:

    Uniqueness-We seek to represent as much diversity as possible in the selection of our individuals/groups.

    Longevity in the Community- We like to give some preference to those groups and individuals that have committed their time and energy and lasted the test of time in presenting art in this community.

    Local First- It is part of our mission and vision to support Santa Cruz local dancers. This does not necessarily exclude non local artists but priority will be given to Santa Cruz County residents.

    Quality- A panel will be evaluating the "artistic quality" of each applicant. Those that have not participating in Santa Cruz Dance Week must submit a short video of work produced. Submissions will be accepted by online link.


    Email links to

    Motion Pacific Mission: Motion Pacific is dedicated to dance as art, cultivating imagination, community engagement and discipline through accessible dance education and presentation.

    Vision: Santa Cruz Dance envisions a vibrant dance culture based on artistic excellence. Which serves to strengthen Santa Cruz as a regional, national, and international center for dance performance and training.

    Goals: To create resources (such as marketing & advertising), peer support, and forum for conversation for the Santa Cruz dance community.

    To assist in the creation & production of original dance

    Promote cultural and artistic diversity and innovation

    Encourage artist & organizations to create engaging partnerships and civic collaborations, ensuring that we continue to identify & leverage resources for our members and our community

    Increase visibility for dance artists that engage a diverse community in an effort to bring new audiences to dance

    Seek to support diversity by crossing into new areas of cultural expression through leading-edge collaborative performance

    Increase accessibility to dance in Santa Cruz County

    Values: Dance is essential for the general well-being of any community

    Dance is a constructive tool for healthy expression, communication & appreciation
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    I hereby hold harmless and release and forever discharge the MP and SCDW from all claims, demands, and causes of action which I, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on my behalf of on behalf of my estate which may have or may have by reason of this authorization.

  • In an effort to better support access to the event for all artists we will no longer be requiring an application fee.
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